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Specialty Care Clinics Telehealth for 340B Providers

“Telehealth is an incredibly important tool for ongoing communication with patients, and it is particularly well-suited for 340B providers.”

Specialty Care Clinics goal is to encourage more 340b providers to use telehealth as part of patient-centered, value-based care. But more than that, though, Specialty Care Clinics want to give them specific steps for making that happen.”

Consider, for example, the ways telehealth could help you if your clients have some mental health issues. You could do some or all the following: Use a mobile phone, iPad, or computer to upload consultation logs, medications, and dosing review by a nurse who responds electronically.

One stop solution for all your client needs. Specialty Care Clinics specialists provide tele consultations through our experienced providers those include family medicine, internal medicine, and specialists like:

  •   Psychiatry
  •   Orthopedics
  •   Vascular
  •   Neuro Spine
  •   Cardiology and many more…

Telehealth can be an important tool for doctors to help their 340b patients control symptoms of the mental health issues and avoid its complications. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, extraordinarily little mental health treatments were provided using telehealth. Now, many 340b clinics have adopted telehealth during the pandemic remain uncertain how to use it optimally.

Specialty Care Clinics Telehealth has great potential to change the way mental health is managed by improving efficiency of care and enhancing quality of treatment for all patients who suffer from this condition. Specialty Care Clinics can help Providers who embrace new health technology to be able to increase access to care in underserved communities and contribute to reduced healthcare costs associated with specialty care management.

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