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What is Podiatry?

Having problems in your foot or ankles? A podiatrist can help you. The study, diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems is called podiatry. They also treat complications resulting from conditions like diabetes which affect your feet and lower extremities.

What Conditions do Podiatrists Treat?

  •   Fungal nail infections of the foot.
  •   Corns and calluses
  •   Verrucas
  •   Athlete's foot
  •   Smelly feet
  •   Dry and cracked heels
  •   Flat feet
  •   Bunions
  •   Heel pain
  •   Ageing feet
  •   Blisters
  •   Gout
  •   Sports injuries
  •   Warts
  •   Hammer Toes
  •   Neuromas
  •   Foot pain
  •   Arthritis
  •   Amputations
  •   Foot prosthetics
  •   Foot fracture

How do Podiatrists Diagnose Foot and Ankle Problems?

Usually, diagnostic tests are used to check the source of your foot and ankle problems. These include -

  •   blood tests
  •   nail swabs
  •   ultrasound
  •   X-ray
  •   MRI scan

Symptoms You Need to Visit a Podiatrist



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