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High Performing in Orthopedics

At SCC, we offer the most advanced treatment options to get you moving again. From new prescription options, joint injections, to minimally invasive joint replacement surgery, a team of experts is ready to help you find the best path to the life you want to live.

We provide our patients with optimal results through interoffice coordination and patient-friendly interactions. We take the time to explain your condition, treatment options, and recovery period you might experience.

Complete Orthopedic Care

Specialty Care Clinics’s exemplary standards for patient safety, quality and excellence to a facility that is focused solely on orthopedic and spine care. SCC is dedicated to the highest quality service with easy access and optimum outcomes for patients undergoing orthopedic and spine surgery.

Shoulder Injuries

We offer the best available treatment options for all shoulder related medical conditions.

Back & Spine Care

Whether you are suffering with a minor strain or a major spinal fracture, we can develop a treatment plan to help you live with significantly less pain.

Knee Injuries

When you visit SCC, our doctors will make sure that the functionality of the knee is restored through the use of the most advanced treatment options.

Sports injuries we treat

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