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If you’ve been a victim of a sports injury, musculoskeletal trauma, or any other orthopedic trauma, Specialty Care Clinics is an integrated clinical practice center.

The orthopedic surgery specialists employed at SCC are trained in spine surgery, pediatric orthopedics, surgical sports medicine, orthopedic trauma, and arthroplasty.

Sometimes, patients are physically incapable of visiting the clinic. Therefore, Specialty Care Clinics provide remote patient monitoring, HIPAA compliant telemedicine, and advanced telehealth solutions in Texas.

Our patients are our first priority. This is why we are located in 10 different locations in Texas.

Some of our key services include :

About Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth is the fifth largest city in Texas and as such is a hub of commerce, education and transport. Fort Worth is home to 2 international and 3 domestic airports.

Over 33 radio stations are operated in Fort Worth and is also known for its public library. Texas Motor Speedway is America’s greatest speedway and is known for its motor racing.

There are marathons and golf tournaments for citizens to enjoy. 269 parks make up the parks of Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Zoo is home to 5000 animals.

Best Health Insurance Providers in Fort Worth, TX

Here’s a list of some of the best health insurance providers in Texas:

Treatments available at Fort Worth

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