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pressprofile Alydia Stark   |   26 th May 2021

Post-COVID Centers Treatment Centre in Texas

Specialty Care Clinics Introduces Post-COVID Centers Website and Treatment Program

The clinic wants to help COVID-19 long-haulers get back to life and help them beat the lasting symptoms.

Farmers Branch, TX [May 25, 2021] – Specialty Care Clinics has launched a new website and treatment program in response to COVID-19 “long-haulers.” This term refers to virus survivors who still suffer from it’s damaging symptoms.

Since the global shutdown in March 2020, we’ve been actively treating and helping COVID-19 patients. Although our patients eventually test negative, many still suffer from virus symptoms long after their recovery. Our main goal is to help patients who continuously live with and are affected by the symptoms get back to their lives.

Coronavirus “long-haulers” experience symptoms long after they test negative. Recently, the National Institutes of Health has recognized these long-haulers as suffering from Post COVID-19 Syndrome. The official name of this syndrome is post-acute sequelae SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC). Up to 20% of patients who recover from COVID-19 show a lasting reduction in organ function. An even larger percentage fail to regain their sense of both taste and smell for several months. As of right now, the cause of Post COVID-19 syndrome is unknown.

With our patients being the top priority, our team at Post-COVID Centers consists of psychiatry treatments, pain management, cardiology, neurology, pulmonology and beyond. We have many highly-qualified physicians ready to help in each category listed above. We’re ready to aid our patients in preventing diseases, maintaining wellness and treating or managing any medical conditions.

At Post-COVID Center, we offer tele-health consultations to all of our patients no matter their location. Through tele-health visits, our team can assess the patient's conditions and create a treatment plan to send to their primary care doctor. We accept patients from across the globe, with or without insurance.

Our Post-COVID Center website can be found at For more information or questions, feel free to contact us at 972-875-4700 or 469-545-9983. Our fax is 469-709-1948.