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Specialty Care Clinics treats the full range of hand, wrist and elbow conditions, from the simple and common, to the more complex or rare.

Specialty Care Clinics provides an excellent hand and wrist service with efficient diagnosis and treatment for all aspects of the wrist and hand. Patients can feel confident that Specialty Care Clinics will offer expert opinions on all minor to complex fractures and conditions such as trigger finger and carpal tunnel. Surgical techniques such as wrist arthroscopies and the most delicate minimally invasive hand surgery are available for the best recovery.

Care begins with a comprehensive consultation to establish the problem and fully understand the needs of each patient. Treatment is carefully planned and tailored and may involve further investigation with advanced imaging or a specialized program of hand therapy. If surgery is required, our specialists ensure a detailed discussion of the benefits and expected outcomes and explain any potential risks. The vast majority of operations are completed without the need for an overnight stay.

We are committed not only to ensure optimal outcomes but also to providing the best possible patient experience.

What is hand surgery?

Our hands are one the most important features of human anatomy. They help us eat, move things, write, play musical instruments, and many other things.
Tendons, muscles, and bones make up our hands and arms and basically our whole body.

Hand surgery involves both surgical & non-surgical hand treatment. The doctors who practice hand surgery are known as orthopedic hand specialists or hand & wrist specialists. The plastic surgery of the hands is called chiroplasty.

Hand surgery @ Specialty Care Clinic

The most common symptoms which are indicators of hand and wrist complications :

  •   Aching pain that does not get better
  •   Clicking or popping sounds when moving the fingers
  •   Finger or hand cramps
  •   Pain that travels up the arm to the elbow
  •   Pain when performing daily tasks
  •   Pulsing pain in the fingers
  •   Swelling
  •   Thumb pain
  •   Tingling or numbness

For the best orthopedic hand therapy specialists near you, Specialty Care Clinics are the best option. The goal of an orthopedic hand specialist is to eliminate hand & wrist pain and restore function before suggesting hand surgery.

Some the common conditions we treat at SCC are :

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Specialty Care Clinics treats the full range of hand, wrist and elbow conditions, from the simple and common, to the more complex or rare. Below are some of the common conditions treated - click on the links for further information on the causes, symptoms, treatment and outcomes.

Hand and Wrist Problems

  •   Arthritis at the base of the thumb
  •   Carpal tunnel syndrome
  •   De Quervain’s tendonitis
  •   Dislocated wrist
  •   Dupuytren’s contracture
  •   Fractures and joint injuries
  •   Ganglion cysts
  •   Mallet Finger
  •   Repetitive motion syndrome
  •   Rheumatoid arthritis
  •   Scaphoid fractures and non-unions, including vascularised and non-vascularised bone grafting
  •   Sprained wrist
  •   Tenosynovitis and tendonitis
  •   Thumb arthritis
  •   Trigger finger
  •   Wrist tendonitis
  •   Sports related injuries
  •   Scapholunate ligament wrist injuries
  •   Skiers’ thumb
  •   Nerve injuries/lacerations
  •   Tendon injuries/lacerations
  •   Hand, wrist and upper limb trauma including fractures, nerve injury and tendon injury
  •   Joint replacements or fusions for arthritis in small joints of the fingers
  •   Minimally invasive wrist arthroscopy
  •   Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow
  •   Cubital tunnel syndrome


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