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Psychology & Psychiatry

In today’s world, the race to be successful in life has made us beings of consumption rather than observation & reflection. We at Specialty Care Clinics, provide psychological counseling and psychotherapy to those who need it.

We believe that in order to lead a life free of limiting beliefs & circumstances, we must first recognise what those beliefs & circumstances are. Our esteemed providers help you identify what’s holding you back and take steps to prevent it from affecting your future.

We do this in 2 ways - Telepsychology & In-person visits.

Taking into account the current circumstances, our interactive video counselling sessions with countless patients help bring a certain amount of relief to our patients. We want to reduce the stigma around needing help because we know that those who ask for help are brave beings.

We make sure that your information is secure and safe with us with HIPAA compliant sessions. We know it takes a lot of courage to open up. Trust that you are in safe hands.

If you or anyone you know is suffering and needs help, book an appointment with us. Call us today.

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Why Choose Us?


Access to care at a time and place that works best for you.


HIPAA compliant practices ensure that your information is completely secure.


We employ the best board certified psychologists & psychiatrists to ensure high quality care for you.


You control when & how you receive the therapy which is the best for you.


Telepsychiatry has made mental health care accessible & affordable to all with new video conferencing technology.


A human connection when you want & where you want it. That's what we want our patients to know, that they can count on us.



If you or anyone you know is suffering from psychological disorders, our expert providers at Specialty Care Clinics will take care of your health and help you recover.

Call 469-805-4561 to book an telehealth appointment for an at home check-up.