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Difficulty Breathing? We Specialize in Asthma Management in Texas.
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Sleeping should not be difficult . We Specialize in Sleep Medicine and help you sleep better.
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Suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension or Interstitial Lung Disease? We’re here for you.
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Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine Services We Provide -

  •   Pulmonary Function Testing
  •   Six Minute Walk Testing and Oxygen Qualification
  •   Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  •   Sleep Testing
  •   Thoracentesis
  •   Pleural Ultrasound
  •   Smoking Cessation Program
  •   Evaluation of Lung Nodules / Masses
  •   Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  •   Home and Facility Sleep Testing
  •   Interventional Pulmonary Service
  •   Allergy & Asthma Management

What is Pulmonology?

Pulmonologists specialize in the treatment of disorders related to your lungs & respiratory tract. Your respiratory system includes -

  •   Mouth and nose
  •   Sinuses
  •   Throat (pharynx)
  •   Voice box (larynx)
  •   Windpipe (trachea)
  •   Bronchial tubes
  •   Lungs and things inside them like bronchioles and alveoli
  •   Diaphragm


What is Sleep Medicine?

Sleep medicine is the field of medicine which deals with sleep disorders. The doctors who treat and study sleep disorders are called sleep medicine specialists. Some of the sleep disorders we treat are -

  •   Sleep apnea or another sleep-related breathing disorder
  •   Periodic limb movement disorder
  •   Narcolepsy
  •   REM sleep behavior disorder
  •   Unusual behaviors during sleep like walking, moving around a lot or rhythmic movements.
  •   Unexplained chronic insomnia


Conditions We Treat -

  •   Asthma
  •   Sleep apnea
  •   Insomnia
  •   Restless legs syndrome
  •   Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  •   Lung mass/nodules
  •   Interstitial lung disease
  •   Pneumonia
  •   Lung Cancer
  •   Narcolepsy
  •   Circadian rhythm disorders
  •   Occupational lung disorders
  •   Pulmonary fibrosis
  •   Pleural effusion
  •   Pulmonary hypertension
  •   Chronic bronchitis
  •   Emphysema
  •   Chronic cough
  •   Cystic Fibrosis
  •   Tuberculosis
  •   Bronchiectasis
  •   Covid-19 pneumonia

Procedures Available -

  •   Pulmonary Function Testing
  •   Oxygen Measurement
  •   Simple Pulmonary Stress Test
  •   Nitric Oxide Tests for Asthma
  •   Alpha-1 Genetic Tests for COPD
  •   Scintigraphy
  •   Polysomnography
  •   Bronchoscopy
  •   Interventional bronchoscopies like EBUS, Navigational bronchoscopy, and airway stenting.
  •   Allergy skin tests
  •   Allergy blood tests
  •   Sublingual Immunotherapy
  •   Subcutaneous Immunotherapy
  •   Bronchial thermoplasty
  •   Endobronchial ultrasound
  •   Pleurx catheter
  •   Cryoablation
  •   Spirometry
  •   Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.

Dr. Badar Kanwar is an expert pulmonologist & sleep medicine specialist who works with Specialty Care Clinics and Post Covid Centers in Texas to provide the best care to you and your family.

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