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Spine health

The Specialty Care Clinics provides expert assessment and treatment for a full range of spinal problems to help you understand and improve your symptoms.

Specialty Care Clinics offers a comprehensive dedicated Spine and Back Pain service for the diagnosis and treatment of sciatica, spinal stenosis, cauda equina, and spine fractures. We provide a high-quality world-class contemporary care package for back conditions for patients of all ages and lifestyles.

Our highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams include world class international fellowship trained orthopedic surgeons trained in modern techniques, radiologists with a special interest in musculo-skeletal conditions who have access to the latest innovations in scanning technology for joint and cartilage damage assessment.


What makes spinal cord injuries so dangerous?

There are many reasons why spinal cord injuries are dangerous, one of which is loss of sensation and mobility after an injury.

In most cases, spine surgery by a spine specialist takes care of the problem. But when the spine and back pain is a result of years of lumbar misuse, it may need long-term back pain treatment.

There are two types of spinal cord injuries - Complete & Incomplete. A complete SCI means you lose total control of your muscles and sensations at that spot. And, an incomplete injury means that you have some sensation and motor control in the injured spot.


To diagnose whether you need spine surgery to correct your back pain, you need a reliable second opinion from our resident orthopaedic team of spine specialists.

For lower back pain relief and back pain treatment, Specialty Care Clinics offer cervical spine surgery, spine fusion surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, and many more specialised treatments.

High Quality Care

Your consultant works with other highly trained specialists to manage your spine related problems and provide you with the best quality care and facilities. Together our team will be there to guide and support you, to help make the journey from diagnosis to treatment and recovery as easy as possible.

Specialist knowledge

We understand how complex the spine is and how vital it is to your health. As a dedicated spinal clinic, we are experienced in successfully managing a range of spine conditions, using the latest methods and non-invasive techniques wherever possible to aid effective treatment and a quick recovery.

Information and choice

An accurate diagnosis is crucial to successful treatment so we always start by listening carefully to you and making a detailed assessment. We clearly explain your condition, plus give information and advice on the various options available so you can make an informed decision about your healthcare.

Spine & Lower Back Pain Care Locations

We provide spine surgery, back surgery, and back pain relief at 8 locations.


Second Opinion Service

Specialty Care Clinics can give an impartial second opinion to patients, in particular for those being offered spinal surgery. A second opinion service also provides patients with a sense that they are taking control back and not letting their lives be dominated by pain. This is enormously important, because one of the common complaints that people who are experiencing pain have is that they feel that they have lost control of their lives and that pain has taken it over.

If you do find that your pain is proving very difficult to treat or you suspect that the initial diagnosis of your condition was not wholly accurate, then there is much to be gained from a second opinion from Specialty Care Clinics; but there is little to lose (except your pain!).

Conditions Treated

  •   Low back pain
  •   Coccydynia (tailbone pain)
  •   Sciatica (pinched nerve)
  •   Disc Herniation (slipped disc)
  •   Spinal Stenosis
  •   Spondylolisthesis (misalignment of the vertebrae)
  •   Fractures of the spine
  •   Neck Pain
  •   Brachalgia (arm pain)
  •   Cervical Myelopathy
  •   Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (low back pain)
  •   Spinal conditions in athletes and sportspersons


We are redefining treatment for back pain to give you the results you deserve. We’re a specialist clinic and we’re incredibly proud of all of our happy clients and their fantastic achievements.

Our unique 3 step system focuses on finding and resolving the root cause of your symptoms, enabling you to fully enjoy the things you love doing in life.